Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric or weight loss surgery is most successful when the surgical candidate has had careful monitoring both pre- and post-operatively by experienced providers. Dr. Saks works closely with patients to insure they are emotionally, cognitively, and behaviorally well-equipped to deal with the multiple issues that can arise before and after weight loss surgery. He has extensive experience and specialized training in the psychological evaluation and management of the bariatric surgery patient and offers these services:

  • Identifying appropriate candidates for bariatric surgery and educating prospective surgery candidates regarding medical, behavioral, and emotional facets of bariatric surgery
  • Psychological evaluations for the bariatric surgery candidate and written reports for insurance coverage/approval (most insurances require a pre-operative psychological evaluation)
  • Coordination of care with the surgeon’s office and the patient’s insurance company
  • Pre-operative weight loss (often required by insurance companies) and psychological counseling including but not limited to behavioral modification of “emotional” eating, “grazing,” and other behaviors that impact surgical outcome
  • Psychotherapy to help patients adjust to post-operative life changes, increase diet and exercise compliance, and prevent the recurrence of disordered eating behaviors