Night Eating Syndrome

Night eating syndrome (NES) is frequently misunderstood and often ignored by both patients and medical professionals. Many patients present with active night eating syndrome and do not even realize that there is a name — and a solution — for this issue! Night eating syndrome is part eating disorder, part sleep and/or circadian rhythm or “body clock” disorder, and part mood disorder.  As such the problem is complex and requires focused, multifaceted treatment. “Night eating” is characterized by eating a bulk of one’s daily calories between dinner and bedtime, occasional to frequent nocturnal awakenings in which one believes they must eat to return to sleep, minimal appetite and/or eating in the morning, and mood disturbance that gets progressively worse as the day/evening wears on. Dr. Saks has specialized training, experience, and expertise in night eating syndrome and provides:

  • Identifying night eating and ruling out other sleep, eating, and mood problems
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for NES — the most effective and the only empirically validated behavioral treatment for this issue
  • Treatment for the sleep and circadian rhythm issues that accompany night eating syndrome
  • Referral and coordination of care with sleep specialists and clinics as needed