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frequently asked questions

How much does a visit cost and is it covered by insurance?

Each visit costs $190. We accept all health plans except for Medicare and Medicaid. While we accept most insurances, we are not in any insurance networks. Therefore, your visits will be covered at the non-contracted provider rate. This means that after your out of network deductible is paid, your insurance will cover some percentage of the fee. Typically, insurances will cover somewhere between $50-$150 per visit, but it depends upon your particular policy. Our billing department will submit all claims for you as a convenience.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You may pay by cash, check, or credit card.

What is the missed appointment policy?

Your appointment is reserved for you only, and if you are not able to come in, we require 24 hour notice (with the exception of emergencies).

Do you allow for phone or video appointments?

Yes, in certain circumstances, we provide sessions over the phone or via Skype.

Where are your offices?

We have offices in both the North Shore (Northbrook, directly adjacent to the Edens), and in downtown Chicago in the Loop (on Michigan Avenue next to Millennium Park). You can get directions to either office from our contact page.

Do you have weekend or evening hours?

We are available Monday through Friday between 8am-6pm.

Do you see children or teenagers?

At this point, our treatment is for adults aged 18-70. Those who do not fit this demographic, however, may be seen in special circumstances.

Do you see couples and families?

This may be done in various circumstances, though most visits are typically individual adults.

Do you have groups?

Currently we do not, but are open to doing so. If this is your interest, please inquire.

How long is the evaluation?

In general, you will meet with your provider two or three times for an evaluation. During these visits, you will review with your provider your eating and weight history, psychological history including history of any treatment, medical history, and relationship/family history. Most of this information will be gathered during the visits, but often questionnaires will be employed which you will complete on your own and bring in for discussion.

What methods are used to help me meet my goals?

We have specialized training in Cognitive Behavior Therapies (CBT), which are types of treatment based firmly upon research findings. These approaches aid people in achieving specific changes or goals. These might include:

  • Acting differently - like making better decisions around food
  • Feeling differently – such as being less frustrated with having to exercise
  • Thinking differently – for example, learning better problem-solving or responding to self-defeating thoughts

Cognitive Behavior Therapists usually focus on your current situation and its solution, rather than the past. We are primarily interested in your beliefs and coping skills, not on wholesale personality change. CBT is time limited, research based, and focused on specific problems in the here-and-now.

Will I be put on a specific diet?

Typically, you will not be put on a specific diet. Our mission is to help you eat in a generally nutritious way, and to learn skills, thinking patterns, and behaviors to develop and maintain healthy ways of eating and exercising. We are open to various dietary plans, but strongly feel a flexible approach that can be adhered to long term is the only one that works.

What if I desire a specific diet or exercise prescription?

While we focus on the behaviors of eating and exercising, if you would like a specific eating or exercise plan, we have an extensive network of registered dietitians and exercise specialists to help with these specifics while you work with us.

I feel my metabolism is slow. Can you tell me what it is?

Yes. We have a device called an indirect calorimeter, which very accurately measures metabolic rate. Please talk to your treatment provider about having this procedure. The cost is an additional $75, which is not covered by insurance.

What if I desire medications for weight loss, or have medical complications either causing my weight problem or are caused by being overweight?

We have a large network of excellent physicians who can help you with these concerns while you work with us.

Do you communicate with my doctor?

Absolutely. We always discuss your progress with your physician and other members of your treatment team.